Monday, April 18, 2011

Little bit frustrated..

So we went to our second ultrasound to remeasure baby boy's anatomy. He moved a little more which we were very happy to see but we still couldn't see his face and had to make another appointment. The next appointment is so that we can make sure his little nose and mouth are forming correctly. I'm sure they are but it makes me nervous to not know with a surety that everything is going well in there.
To make matters worse, they told us that the amniotic fluid is low. My immediate reaction was to ask a bagillion questions: Is he still able to breathe alright? Is he still growing at a good rate? How do I get my fluid to go up? Is that why I don't feel him kick very strongly??? I hate having so many questions and not having immediate answers to them. They told us that he is still growing just fine and that for the answers to my other questions I would have to ask my doctor. MEH!!! I hate having to worry about the little guy.

Another thing that made us nervous was going online and finding out information about low amniotic fluid and what it can do/not do to the baby. I hate when I look online because I over diagnose myself and get all worried.

I just can't wait until we go again on Saturday and hopefully everything will be looking up!


  1. Just keep in mind that the Lord has a plan for everything. I'm sure everything is fine. Stop over thinking/diagnosing yourself. Just go see your doc. How are you doing by the way? Feeling okay?

  2. Allira! I saw that you commented on my blog and just found your blog! I'm so happy for you guys! So fun that we're pregnant at the same time. I hope your next appointment went well. I know everything about being pregnant can be nerve racking and worrying. I'm thinking about you and hoping for the best! Let me know how things are going :)