Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Something new...

We don't really have anything new or exciting going on besides the baby news so that's probably what everyone will be reading about for the next little while until something new and exciting comes along...even though having a baby growing inside of me is pretty dang exciting..let me tell you! :)

So i've started to experience round ligament pain and holy schmoly am i dying when it happens. It freaked me out at first because I felt really tight and crampy in the abdomen area and i had slight bleeding...but our worries were gone as soon as we went to the doctor's and got to hear our baby's really fast heartbeat. We were a little nervous at first because the doctor couldn't seem to find any heartbeat but mine, but then our doctor said that he had found it and that the baby must not like the doppler because he/she kept kicking it away when he would hear the fast thudding heartbeat. He also told us that we have quite an active baby! :)

It was so precious. Made us pretty much smile from ear to ear.

I think that i've started to feel little kicks here and there. It's pretty exciting and new so i'm not quite sure if i know what i'm feeling but the doctor said i may be feeling it already. I'M SO EXCITED!!! At least to be able to feel the kicks but maybe not so much to have a baby who is super active and may be active at night...we'll see. I just want our baby to be healthy.

School is getting really tough right now. The end of the quarter is coming up quickly and with being sick and laying in bed doing only minimal homework, i'm behind. I honestly thought that being pregnant and going to school would be just fine...however, I was wrong! In most of my classes I do just fine but in the ones where I have a lot of memorizing and seems absolutely impossible. I'll make it through though. I have been at the library every night for the past few weeks.

This brings me to say that I have an absolutely amazing husband who is so patient and helpful. He has been working overtime and bringing home extra work to help keep him busy and to help pay down bills before the baby comes. I'm so very grateful for him and all that he does for me. LOVE YOU HONEY!!! :)

The end.