Thursday, February 17, 2011

Complaints of Pregnancy

AH!! I feel like I'm going crazy. I never thought that going to school and being pregnant would be so hard. It's so hard to concentrate and I'm not getting good sleep anymore. I didn't think that would start until way later in the pregnancy but it already has. Booo! I really hate complaining so much but I just feel so uncomfortable, tired, nautious, bloated, etc. The list could go on and on.

I feel like I need a vacation where there are palm trees, warmish blue water, and beautiful sunshine! Warm sunshine at that.

On a better note...

I freakin have the best husband in the world. It amazes me how much he can handle with me being prego and all. Last night he had a meeting at church and on his way home guess what he got me... Jamba Juice just because he loves me. He had even gone to 7-Eleven but knew that I would want Jamba more.

I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for giving me such an awesome husband and a new little baby growing inside of me!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Baby Story...How our baby came along! :)

So we are pregnant..finally! and this is the story.

We were getting really down because it seemed like every one of our friends was pregnant or already had a baby and we were babyless. When I finished my Fall Quarter in December, I told Ryan that this was going to be the month...he thought I was crazy. Before December, when we had been doing all the infertility treatments, pills, labs, etc, we hadn't felt very optimitic about things so I figured, hey, maybe if we're optimistic and I keep telling myself everyday that it'll happen, it just might! I had started to feel really strange and have "pregnancy symptoms" but didn't believe that we were really pregnant and we waited until I missed my period. On Christmas Day night, I took the first pregnancy test and it was positive. We were excited but didn't want to get too excited because we had had a false positive the month before. So we waited another week and I took another test. It was positive again. I called the Drs office to tell them the news and to ask if we could do a pregnancy blood test just to be positive. And of course it was.

I am now 11 weeks almost 12 weeks and can't wait for the nautiousness to go away..HOPEFULLY.. and to not keep getting these crazy migraines anymore. It's all been worth it and I couldn't ask for anything more in my life. I feel complete and so happy! I have a wonderful husband who supports me and gives me things I want when really he probably shouldn't, and I have a house, a car, and now...a baby on the way. I thought it would never happen and it still seems sort of surreal I guess you could say to think I have a little baby growing inside of me. I'm so ecstatic though too!!

So anyway, that's our baby story thus far. The doctor says everything looks fine and the baby's heartbeat is strong and the length is good. We're off to a good start.

And P.S.
 Hurray to becoming a blogger family!