Thursday, May 9, 2013

Been Forever! but better late than never right??

It's been such a long time since I've written on here. Makes me sad but I'm not going to update you completely on the last 20 months of our lives! Just the important stuff...

Carter is now 20 months old and is patiently waiting for his little brother to make his arrival in hopefully less than a month! He's a little spitfire rough boy who loves balls, bats, or anything that is sport related..which makes his Dad so happy. He's working on talking and his current favorite word is No!...drives me absolutely NUTS!!!! But we're working on that.

Ryan is now working in the office instead of the shop, but occasionally works in the shop since he's so amazing and knows all the machines including how to build them all. I'm very proud of my man! He'll be 29 this November and feels like such an old man...I don't think he is but whatever.

I've been doing really good lately. Just ready to have this little munchkin but not ready at the same time. I do you have 2 kids??? :)

 This pregnancy has been kind of crazy. At 18 weeks we found out that our little boy had a 2 vessel cord which can cause some problems with growth and have other anomalies(sp?) but he hasn't had a problem with the growth at all what with being in the 73% or over. The anomalies came later as we  had to go to see UW specialists and go to Children's hospital for a fetal ekg. At that point baby had cysts on the brain, super low fluid, and they couldn't get good pictures of the they were thinking he had Trisomy 18...which is a chromosome disorder where when the cells of the baby divide they divide weird or something. Anyway...we did the blood test to check for that, Down syndrome, and for other chromosome disorders...which he had none of! It was a really hard time because with the Trisomy 18, you're child most likely won't make it to even full term. We were really relying on the Lord and our faith in the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us.

Now I go in twice weekly to have Non-stress tests done so I get to hear his little heart beat. It's nice but I wish it wasn't in Everett. But my amazing OB works with me so that I only have to go twice weekly instead of 3 times a week.


Life is really good and we are so blessed. I'm so thankful to have the wonderful husband I have who supports me in everything I do and to have my little monster Carter and the little bundle of joy on the way. It's coming so soon!

Hope that gives a little update...and isn't too much either!

See you soon!