Friday, July 29, 2011

Pregnancy and Summer Update

Oh how wonderful it truly is to be pregnant and to feel the constant movement and kicking and punching from our little bundle of joy.

even sooo.....

I'm so ready to be done. I'm at the point that I NEVER SLEEP due to not being able to get comfortable and having a lot of cramping, Braxton Hicks, hot flashes, crazy back pain, and nausea. It's crazy because before you get pregnant, you always wonder how you will handle all the special little ups and downs that come along with pregnancy...and then you find out.

I've been getting really nautious lately(with some violent throwing up) and having a lot of headaches. I'm trying to do everything you're supposed to and hope that it all is enough for our little guy. I worry about him sometimes. Ryan always tells me he is fine, which I'm sure he is, I just worry.

I'll admit that I'm so ready to meet our little guy and to become a mom. I can't wait!! We've had so much fun getting the baby room ready, debating on a name, and putting things together. I'm so lucky to have married someone who is pretty patient with me and someone who was willing to take a Lamaze class and not get too mad when I laughed during the breathing exercises. Oh how I love my best friend and forever companion!!

I will admit that I feel lucky about having a more mild summer this year. I'm really thankful for that because my swelling has begun to get worse. If it were any hotter, I think I would look more like a balloon but it usually goes down once I go to sleep. Ryan laughs because he can make marks on my legs that will stay for awhile. I'm glad someone gets some amusement out of it! :)

Yay for being 35 weeks and only have 5 weeks or less to go!!!! I can't wait to meet you my little munchkin!!