Monday, April 18, 2011

Little bit frustrated..

So we went to our second ultrasound to remeasure baby boy's anatomy. He moved a little more which we were very happy to see but we still couldn't see his face and had to make another appointment. The next appointment is so that we can make sure his little nose and mouth are forming correctly. I'm sure they are but it makes me nervous to not know with a surety that everything is going well in there.
To make matters worse, they told us that the amniotic fluid is low. My immediate reaction was to ask a bagillion questions: Is he still able to breathe alright? Is he still growing at a good rate? How do I get my fluid to go up? Is that why I don't feel him kick very strongly??? I hate having so many questions and not having immediate answers to them. They told us that he is still growing just fine and that for the answers to my other questions I would have to ask my doctor. MEH!!! I hate having to worry about the little guy.

Another thing that made us nervous was going online and finding out information about low amniotic fluid and what it can do/not do to the baby. I hate when I look online because I over diagnose myself and get all worried.

I just can't wait until we go again on Saturday and hopefully everything will be looking up!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Are there any good/healthy ways to make the baby move around when we go in for the next appointment?? I need some advice as to what to do before the appointment so that he will be awake and not be shy.

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!

We thought for sure that we were going to be having a girl seeing how so many other people we know are having boys and the fact that honestly, we wanted a boy first (so there could be a big brother to all the other siblings) and thought FOR SURE we would have a girl because of what we wanted. I was getting kind of excited thinking that we were having a girl because I love all the little girl stuff that you see everywhere. There are so many cute little outfits that always drew me towards the girl sections...and then the day FINALLY came to find out what we were going to have. I was starting to get anxious about finding out and didn't want to be sad one way or the other and kept trying to think this way.

The two nights before finding out were torture. I was barely able to sleep for any good amount of time but when I did sleep I had crazy dreams about the baby and what it was going to be. I'm thinking the cause of this was my Doctor telling us that we may not get to find out the gender and that we could try to find out another time. The last dream that I remember having was that our baby wasn't being cooperative and wouldn't open it's legs until the very last moment of the dream (before being woken up to go pee for the umpteenth time of the night) where the baby decided to spread its legs like wings on a bird and showed us his little hershey kiss. (Schmecle :) ) I told Ryan this in the morning and he laughed....

So we go into the appointment and I lay down on the table. The sonographer started first trying to take ultrasounds of the baby's anatomy to make sure it was growing well. Unfortunately baby was not wanting to be cooperative and had his arms and legs crossed over his face and his genitals. I kept praying over and over that baby would show us what gender it was so that we could start planning the nursery and figure out names before the baby came. So after about a half hour...the baby decided to open his legs and we found out what gender! It was sooo amazing and exciting to realize that we are having the little boy that we have wanted for so long. I couldn't stop smiling and Ryan (he'll probably kill me for this) wiped away a tear. It was so precious and such an exhilirating moment for us!

We still have to go back on the 16th to recheck his anatomy measurements and hope that he'll actually move around this time. I'm excited to go back though so we can get more pictures of our little man.

So now we are struggling to decide between the 4 boys names that we have liked for so long. (We pretty much had the girl name picked out..figures right?) It has come down to the following:

Carter Ryan Nielsen
Aiden-Ryan's new fave because he found out it's his great Great grandpa's name

We've been talking a lot about Carter so I'm thinking that may be the winner but we'll see. I'm just glad to know what we're having.



                                                                        Isn't he a doll?

I'm completely in love with him

His leg from the cervix view

Yay!!! Prego bump.

His foot.
I will tell you all...I've only gained 4 LBS!!! Which I'm completely stoked about. I'm pretty sure
I'm going to have a chubby baby because I feel so huge already and I'm still a week to halfway! :)